Sanitized air-conditioning systems

Cheese drying and ripening systems

Ripening systems for soft and blue cheeses

“Vertical-Air-System” for ripening Parmigiano and Grana Padano

Sanitary air-conditioning systems for milk processing

Cheese drying and ripening systems


Ripening systems for soft and blue cheeses


“Vertical-Air-System” for ripening Parmesan and Grana Padano

In the first dairies, when the ripening took place in the cellars and in natural caves, air conditioning was typical of these environments: high humidity, cool or cold temperature, ventilation reduced to a minimum. The modern plant design is aimed at recreating these conditions but referring them to the ripening conditions required by each type of cheese. In fact, the temperature and humidity conditions of the curing warehouses are fixed according to the weight-loss, and according to the main microbiological and enzymatic processes that characterize the ripening of the cheeses.

Air treatment units

For the production of hot and cold required to heat and cool the air entering the cold rooms, special air treatment units are generally used; with the hot and

cold it is then possible to regulate and control the relative humidity of the curing rooms.

The enzymatic actions responsible for the evolution of the texture ripening are influenced:

  • by intrinsic factors;
  • by the external environment, which acts as a regulator of the enzymatic actions themselves and of the microflora that generates them.

Among the regulation parameters of the ripening environment of the cheeses, the temperature is perhaps the most important, also because it is the easiest to regulate. It can be generally said that, for each type of cheese, the adoption of a lower or higher ripening temperature than the optimal one will result in a slower or faster ripening, which will produce a variation of the organoleptic characteristics of the product.

The temperature of the ripening rooms is generally maintained at levels that are always lower than those optimal for bacterial growth and for the action of the enzymes, which allows to slow down and guide the maturation processes.

The ambient humidity and the temperature influence the development of the cheese crust, making the surface of the product more impermeable to water and therefore less sensitive to evaporation, and it helps to maintain particular conditions of the WA (water activity) parameter within the texture. The cheeses can be kept in the warehouses for ripening even once this is finished. Thanks to its technology and know-how, Madefrigor s.r.l., is able to meet all the requests and needs for the production of any type of cheese.


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