Madefrigor S.r.l. has a specialized in-house technical department for the study and development of quotes regarding the design of refrigeration industrial systems and applications for agrifood and industrial industries.

Thanks to the daily exchange with our technicians that work in the field and to training courses and in-depth analysis on the concept s of energy saving, Madefrigor provides the customer with its decades of experience, which has distinguished us from the competition over the years both in Italy and abroad. We design systems and industrial applications of various types, suitable for different needs that distinguish every production reality.

Our goal is to search for functional and customized solutions able to meet all the needs related to the cold chain. By using the most modern and sophisticated technical tools made available by the continuous technological research of the company, we are able to design increasingly efficient and performing solutions in line with the strictest regulations in the field of energy saving.

Application sectors

The design of refrigeration systems by Madefrigor therefore involves all areas of the agri-food and industrial sector, with specific differences depending on the field of application.

In the field of food, for example, we deal with:

  • meat and cold cut sector, for which special industrial plants are designed for the air treatment in cold cut factories or for the drying and curing of prosciutto;
  • dairy sector, for which we design special systems for the treatment and ripening of cheeses, with sanitized air-conditioning systems, cells for ripening and refrigeration plants;
  • fruit and vegetable sector, such as controlled atmosphere cells for prolonged fruit or cells with automated humidity control for vegetable preservation.

For the industrial sector we are present in the field of large-scale retail and refrigerated logistics, where our cascade and transcritical CO2 systems are now highly sought after and make the company a leader in the sector.

Last but not least, is the chemical-pharmaceutical sector. A sector that developed after the acquisition by Madefrigor S.r.l. of CTM Refrigerazione Industriale S.r.l. at the end of 2013, and for which we produce refrigeration machinery for production processes with any fluid and with temperatures up to -45 ° C.

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