Madefrigor S.r.l. was founded in 1975 by the current owners Bosa and Bagatin with the idea of providing an intervention and maintenance service for food refrigeration and air-conditioning systems for small companies. In the “cold sector”, Madefrigor distinguished itself immediately for the search for innovative and avant-garde solutions, and in a short time it had specialized in the production of air treatment units for the food industry and not only. Over the years, it has gained experience in the study, manufacturing and installation of:

  • drying and curing systems for cold cuts and cheeses;
  • stoves for cooking mortadella and cooked products in general;
  • air treatment unit for air conditioning and conditioning of processing areas in all sectors, both with distribution in rigid stainless-steel ducts and in the more modern system with sanitized textile ducts.

Important references in Italy and in the world have accompanied the history of Madefrigor up to the present day, making a brand that is now a point of reference on the international market more and more solid.


A new challeng

In November 2013, Madefrigor incorporated the company CTM Refrigerazione Industriale, a leading company in the production of package and refrigeration plants, operating nationally and internationally with over 35 years of experience in the sector. Madefrigor therefore acquired the know-how and engineering skills (the Tantartinis are part of our technical staff) as well as the qualified personnel for technical assistance. With this operation the Madefrigor S.r.l. company therefore completed its range of products and services that previously focused mainly on air treatment, sanitized air conditioning and the curing of cold cuts and cheeses.

Today the aim is to give our customers the widest range of solutions and advantages, reducing overall costs, while maintaining the high quality of the systems and their performance. Now, in fact, with a single interlocutor and unique engineering, we are able to face any market request in the field of industrial refrigeration, air treatment and curing.

Our full technical assistance service is also available, available 24/7. We are in fact able to intervene on any system:

  • we have personnel qualified for systems with NH3 (ammonia);
  • we also provide assistance to CO2 (carbon dioxide) systems;
  • we provide assistance and propose scheduled maintenance with the keeping of the system booklets according to applicable law;
  • we perform inspections on any compressor and pump at our workshop.

We are at your complete service for any type of request, from inspections to completely free consultations.


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