Using CO2 (R744) as refrigerating gas inn different applications for industrial refrigeration is increasing in frequency, since HFC refrigerating gases, according to European laws, are going gradually dismantled in a short time.

Choosing CO2 is a long term solution; a responsible choice for the environment, for safety and energetical reasons, but also because this technology is immediately available, without waiting for possible future synthetic refrigerating systems (5th or 6th generation), maybe even waiting for the regulatory requirement to expire. This kind of behavior means putting onto the open market potentially dangerous appliance, not only for our environment, but for ourselves.

Madefrigor S.r.l. encourages green solutions; it also designs them according to real plant need expressed by every single client. After this step, we also handle the production and installing stage. We employ an important staff, composed by highly-specialized technicians, with every skill required to install this new, innovative technologies.


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