Industrial refrigeration systems

Cold rooms and blast chillers

Sanitized air conditioning

Freezing tunnel

Meat preservation cells

Cooling tunnel

Sanitized air-conditioning systems

Air distribution with textile ductsi

Freezing tunnel of anatomical pieces

Slaughter houses and meat processing centres require powerful and safe plants. Madefrigor S.r.l. offers its

customers a wide choice of high quality, safe, guaranteed and performing machinery as:

  • refrigeration plants with natural fluids (such as Ammonia) with low-content chillers that do not require special bureaucratic procedures for installation, while guaranteeing exceptional cooling capacities
  • propane R290 chillers for medium temperature cold rooms and rapid cooling tunnels
  • CO2 dry-ex or pumped refrigeration plants in the subcritical cascade version or in the transcritical air version for the low temperature cells and the freezing tunnels.

In particular, great attention is paid to the selection of coolant exchange batteries in the storage cells. In this way it is possible to maintain high humidity, to preserve the best appearance and the best organoleptic qualities of the meat.

We install sanitized air treatment units for the air conditioning of the cutting and processing areas of the anatomical parts and of the trays. Appropriate filtration and air exchange favour the shelf-life of the products, while special inlet and extraction systems favour the quick drying of the areas after the washing and sanitizing operations. These systems treat the ambient air to obtain the best possible thermohygrometric conditions by controlling the:

  • temperature
  • relative humidity
  • air speed and filtration
  • overpressure (to avoid the penetration of potential external pollutants)
  • quantity of air renewal taken from outside.

Thanks to the combination of these elements, we guarantee the subdivisions of high-risk, high-care and low-cost areas, as required by the major national and international certification bodies (BRC, IFS and ISO Standard).


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