Madefrigor S.r.l., in carrying out its business activities, has customer satisfaction as its main objective. Thanks to almost forty years of experience in industrial applications for the cold sectors of agrifood, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, we have designed, manufactured and installed plants and equipment in many different areas, always seeking the most suitable solutions in terms of performance in order to try and maximize expected outputs and the individual business needs of our customers.

The study and analysis of the context and the sector of use, together with the implementation of high-performance technology, has enabled us to become a benchmark at national and international level in the field of air treatment in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, aiming at achieving the correct procedures required.

Madefrigor’s mission is to become a leading supplier and reference for consumers, providing products of the highest quality and maximum efficiency.

Our aims are to:

  • create long-term profitability for our customers
  • always supply products of the highest quality
  • enhance our passion for the environment, using environmentally friendly materials and products.


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