In food industry every production environment must feature an air-treatment system, which ensures an excellent quality of the air, in order to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of processed products, to make the shelf-life last longer and to guarantee a healthy, comfortable environment for operators.

Using perfectly-sized air-treatment systems, based on the typology of location and processes, these results can be achieved. That’s the reasons why we design and install White Rooms, conditioning and filtration plants, built specifically for any real need.

With air-conditioning systems, we allow our clients to protect their food products in the working area, and to improve working conditions as well.

Our plants treat the air to obtain the best air temperature and humidity conditions, through control of these parameters, as well as air speed, filtration, overpressure and the quantity of new, fresh air coming from outside. Thanks to all these elements, we can guarantee an excellent partition of high and low care areas, as many certification authorities, national and international (BRC, IFS, ISO Standard), request.

We want to thank Latteria Mortaretta, which made Madefrigor its partner for all this kind of solutions.


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