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Medium temperature cold room

Low temperature cold rooms

Refrigerated terminals

Automatic refrigerated warehouses

In the cold market, the demand from hauliers and large-scale retailers for refrigerated spaces is increasing. In recent years, Madefrigor S.r.l. has specialized in this particular sector where technology and systems for energy saving make the companies that use it more competitive. The same principle applies to the retail distribution platforms of large-scale retail.

We are therefore constantly striving to find energy saving technologies to offer our customers; we collaborate with ESCO companies for the economic recovery of TEE (white certificates) generated by the use of our systems and plants.

We are able to supply refrigeration plants and chillers with capacities from 50 kW to 1500 kW, and with operating temperatures from 7 ° C to -45 ° C. The machines are manufactured in indoor or outdoor versions, and also in the ATEX version for environments that require it. All the machines are equipped with:

  • inverters
  • economizers
  • dynamic condensation control system.

For low temperature cold rooms, we produce CO2 refrigeration plants, both in subcritical and transcritical cascades. Quality, reliability and savings are our strong points that we put at the service of all our customers.

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