Industrial philosophy set for food and beverage air-conditioning considers different applications in different rooms, which can be comparable to four different levels of environmental quality:

  • ULTRA-SENSITIVE AREAS: rooms or departments where product is bare, and must be effectively protected since it can be contaminated by the environment (particle contamination class ISO 4, which is 10.000);
  • SENSITIVE AREAS: rooms or departments where product is bare and must be kept in non-polluting conditions (particle contamination class ISO 5, which is 100.000);
  • NEUTRAL AREAS: rooms or departments where the product has no direct contact with the environment, it is packaged or just transits without remaining in the room;
  • DEPRESSED AREAS: i.e. service areas, which are often dirty and must be separated by working departments, even as regards air currents flowing from dirty areas.

Madefrigor can help its clients to identify these areas inside your plant and, with accurate studies and projects, find the right solution for your works and products.


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