The first warehouse in Italy, designed specifically for ripening, has been built. This technology allows to preserve and ripen Grana Padano, in half the space now occupied. This warehouse, in fact, can ripen almost 200.000 wheels of Grana Padano, in the same space a traditional system can ripen 100.000. Twice the products in the same space.

All of this could be possible thanks to a join venture of companies Madefrigor participated. They made available their technologies to make this plant possible.

Madefrigor took care of the air-conditioning systems: thanks to Vertical-Air-System it was possible, eve in these conditions, and thanks to vertical tubes with nozzles, to keep ideal air, humidity and oxygen condition in all the warehouse. So to make wheels of Grana Padano ripen in any corner of the structure.

To keep the air conditioned we exploited: 4 air-treatments units, featuring inverters for automatic regulation of the air volume; dedicated chiller with energy-saving systems (complete heat-recovery and condensation-dynamic system); high-efficiency condensation boiler for winter heating.

To move the air on the inside we used foil cesspools and vertical food-PVC tubes for detailed insertion. Every vertical tube, at the height of wheels of cheese, features nozzles to regulate the air speed.

This system was a complete success: after a few months, and most of all after summer, we found that every wheel of cheese in the warehouse was ripening in a uniform way. There was no stratification phenomenon, neither for stagnant pools of humidity, which could make mildew start.

We thank Zanetti S.p.a., for giving us the possibility to install this technology, for the first time in Italy.


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